Camp is a Life-Changer

Girl in wheelchair playing in waterSummer camp has been changing lives forever! Whether you are an able-bodied camper, a camper living with a disability or participated as a staff member – camp can be life-changing!

Easter Seals operates 14 summer camps across Canada. These fully accessible properties allow kids with disabilities to have experiences they would never otherwise have – the opportunity to participate fully in the out-of-doors for the first time, with a camp full of kids who have had largely, a shared life experience - hard to match! Just imagine for a second what it would take for a youngster in a wheelchair to go on a canoe ride. Or swing high off the ground on a ropes course. Or swim in a lake. Or toast marshmallows over an open fire. Or participate in a camp-wide scavenger hunt. Or sleep away from home in a bunk surrounded with a group of new friends who understand how they feel on any given day.

This is the gift of camp.

Our campers say it best:

"Easter Seals camp is the best! I love going to camp because I get to do fun things like swimming and fishing. I get to meet new people and try new things. The camp is accessible and the camp staff are amazing. They help us with lots of things. If we want to try something new, the staff find a way to make that happen for us. My only wish is that I could go for the whole summer!"

"Easter Seals Camp Horizon allows me to be independent! It is the highlight of my year. I always look forward to it and, I always have many wonderful memories to last until I get to go again!"

"I have enjoyed going to Camp Woodeden over the past years. I have met a lot of friends from camp. My favourite things to do at camp are the ropes course and the rocking climbing wall. I am so glad that Easter Seals has been apart of my and my family’s life and helped me to be the best that I can be!"

"The kids at school focus on my disabilities, while the people at camp focus on my abilities. That is why camp is so special to me. My favourite activities to do at camp are the Giant Swing because I like the thrill of being so high up in the air out of my wheelchair and the speed of swinging, and also horseback riding because it is calming and a new experience."

"In the small town I live in I'm known as Joe – the guy in the wheelchair… But at Easter Seals Camp Horizon I'm just Joe."